Corporate Innovation  Process, Technology & Support

ThinkAboutThat is a creative thinking process which continuously produces practical innovative ideas through the use of cloud based technology and support from experienced innovators.  Empower your people with ThinkAboutThat.
Anytime: Anywhere:  ThinkAboutThat enables innovation by geographically dispersed team members working at different times.  Gain the benefits of collaborative thinking while eliminating the time spent travelling, gathering and waiting for teams.  Include even your most remote people in your innovation process.


Creative Thinking  Marketing without Money

The Book
Marketing without Money: How 20 Top Australian Entrepreneurs Cracked Markets with their Minds.
The best selling book by John C Lyons and Edward de Bono.-
The Personal Seminar
A CD based interactive video seminar featuring John C Lyons, Edward de Bono and leading Australian entrepreneurs.  It combines knowledge and insights with inspirational interviews.